Soul Oracle®


Awake your capacities and connect to your full potential

PERU’ -   3 - 9 April 2017

Would you like to be able to manifest your true potential and be connected at all levels with your power of creation?

Would you like to know how to completely align yourself with your Life Mission and your Dharma/Life Path?

Would you like to be able to receive information about your Life path, about how to proceed in life, how to take the next step?

Would you like to improve and boost to the maximum your capacities if you are already a therapist, a coach, a healer, a channeler, a shaman or a medium?

All this and much more is possible if you connect with your true Essence and let this Divine Essence to manifest through you completely.

What we call ‘’your Divine Essence’’ is YOUR natural state of being.

It is YOU without filters, without blockages, without conditioning beliefs.
It is YOU like a form of Energy that has no end and that is connected with All that exists, having the power to Manifest and Transform Everything.

In this natural state of being everything is simply ‘’accessible’’ just because everything is already present.

In this natural state of being you have the innate and profound capacity ’’to be’’ the information and to ‘’receive it through all your senses’’, through what we call ‘’the Clair senses’’: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience.

This retreat allows you to receive this kind of information and to do specific exercises that will make you open more so you can learn how to receive and connect on your own with the information useful for you, so you can always align yourself with the best direction to take in life.

It will allow you to learn how to deal with your energy, with your capacities and skills, to learn all that is necessary to be able to completely manifest your Essence.

This 7 day retreat is completely channeled, receiving the information from the Ascended Masters. It will take place in one of the most energetic places on Earth – The Sacred Valley of the Incas-Pisac-Cusco-Peru.

It will allow you to connect directly to your Essence, going beyond all the blockages and all the false limits that you think you might have. Every single day will be completely dedicated to this and it will focus on a specific form of Clair sense through theory, through meditations and energetic individual and group exercises.

You will be challenged and continuously provoked to face an unique mirror – the one of YOURSELF – until, by getting to know yourself, by entering more and more deeply inside yourself, through practicing and applying, you will be able to reach that natural state of being of complete ‘’presence’’, that state where everything is possible just because you become One with the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

It will take you straight to the Essence, right to YOUR TRUE CORE, to your Full Potential, to your Inner Divinity.


This retreat is designed for those who want to develop and empower their psychic, mental and spiritual skills and abilities, showing and explaining why these capacities and all the "gifts" that we consider ‘’paranormal’’ are something completely natural and accessible to each and every one of us.

Therefor this retreat is for all those who want to take an inside journey within themselves to discover their own innate capacities, going deeper and deeper and reveal themselves as self-healing tools, tools for awakening, for understanding and for personal development.

This retreat is for all those who want to enter completely in their power of creation of their own reality.

This retreat is for beginners as well as for those who are already manifesting their skills and work as coaches, therapists, channelers, mediums, shamans and want to expand their skills and capacities.

For those who choose a progressive path, the retreat “Soul Oracle – Back to the Essence” stands as the first module of the Soul Oracle Training (a course for coaches, channelers, healers and mediums) - part of our Coaching and Channeling School in "Soul Resources" Academy.

1st Day: Seminary opening, detailed study of clairsentience through theory, meditations, practical individual and group exercises, tactile perception, emotional perception, work on the dissolution of the beliefs and the limiting blocks;

2nd Day: Detailed study of clairvoyance through theory, meditations, practical individual and group exercises, third eye, spiritual vision, tridimensional vision, work on the dissolution of the beliefs and the limiting blocks;

3rd Day: Detailed study of clairaudience through theory, meditations, practical individual and group exercises, hearing your inner voice, hearing external voice, work on the dissolution of the beliefs and the limiting blocks;

4th Day: Detailed study of claircognizance through theory, meditations, practical individual and group exercises, Channeling, channeling techniques, mental and spiritual connection, work on the dissolution of the beliefs and the limiting blocks;

5th Day: Shamanic circle (optional)

6th Day: Shamanic circle (optional)

7th Day: Individual and group purification, channeling exercises, practical application of the forms of Clair senses, Seminary closing.

The retreat is guided by Fabiana Vagelli and Paul Stefan Jureschi in Italian and English.

What you will get:
- detailed answers and information to any question about connection and channeling;
- tools and techniques to conscious connection;
- tools and techniques to channel;
- tools and techniques to protect;
- tools and techniques to be a pure and chrystalline channel;
- treatments and sessions of individual and group purification;

Topics of interest:
- life mission;
- connect to your own personal Guides and your own power Animals;
- karma;
- "gifts" and capacities already present or to be awaken;
- Akashic Records reading;
- connection with higher dimensions;
- connection with the inner divinity;
- dissolution of energetic, mental and emotional blocks connected to channeling;
- shadows and negativity to transform.

What we will do:
- investigation and practical exercises on the topics above;
- development of the capacities of conscious connection and channeling;
- alignment to the mission of your soul;
- revealing the forms of Clair senses present in you at the moment and how to expand them;
- karmic cleaning;
- energetic cleaning.

The retreat includes:

- 7 days seminary

- channelings and individual purifying treatments;

- two shamanic ceremonies with sacred plants (optional);

- logistic consulting for travelling from /to airports Cusco - Pisac (on demand);

- logistic consulting to visit Machu Picchu and other archeologic sites and/or places of turistic interest for culture or nature (on demand);

- logistic consulting for food and accomodation (on demand)

Not included:

- international flights to/from Perù;

- intern flights to/from Cusco;

- car transfer to/from the airport Cusco - Pisac;

- food and accomodation.

PRICE: € 1450,00

PROMOTIONAL PRICE: € 950,00 payed before the 12 March 2017.

0039 328 2857335 Paul Stefan Jureschi
0039 3454599668 Fabiana Vagelli
[email protected]

For staying there are options for all necessities and requests from € 18 till € 60 / a day.
Note: The same places that you find on the internet using traveling search engines offer lower prices when you get there.

For the food there are different diet prices from € 8 up to € 30 /a day.

The retreat will take place from the 3rd until the 9th of April 2017 in “Paz y Luz” Accommodation Stucture in Pisac, Sacred Valley of the Inca – Perù.

Fabiana Vagelli

Angels & Light Beings Therapy and Channeling, Akashic Records Reader, Light Language and Cosmic Codes of Light Channeler & Translator, Reiki Therapist, Aura Reader, Past Life and Karma Reader, Medium, Channeler, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient, Energetic Therapist, Master Angel Life Coach®, Sound Healer, Shaman.

Born in 1984 in Naples (Italy), Fabiana Vagelli is a marvellous person with a huge heart and wonderful capacities. Her capacity to enter deeply into the others problems and to give them the right advice or solution is amazing. With her clairvoyance and clairsentience manifested since she was a child, Fabiana Vagelli is able to unveil your deepest hidden sides, aspects that block you from the right healing process, the developing process necessary to reach a healthy, rich and happy You.
With her amazing capacities as Channeler and Medium she is able to give you answers and immediate advice and to channel personalized techniques that allows every person to start the self-healing process and to free oneself from memories, traumas, blocks and suppressions from the past.
She has the capacity to connect to any kind of energy and to any source of information and therefore she is capable to determine great transformations inside the persons she enters in contact with.

Paul Stefan Jureschi

Akashic Record Reader – Cosmic Codes of Light and Light Language Channeler & Speaker – Angels & Light Beings Therapy & Channeling – The Reconnection® – Reconnective Healing®– E.M.F Balancing® – Energetic Therapist – Christallin ORACLE® – Transformation Coaching® – Past Life Regression Therapist – Christallin Therapist® – OMEGA Health Coach® – 7th sense Life Coach – Sound Healer – Deeksha Giver – Shaman.

Paul Stefan Jureschi is born in 1975 in Suceava (Romania) and he is a seeker of the truth of existence. By travelling and studying and by living experiences as viewer and as participant, he has achieved techniques and gathered knowledge that allow him now to manifest his truth and to help others find their own inner power.

Coach, consultant, energetic therapist, shaman, channeller and sound healer, Paul Stefan Jureschi has learnt these by all reachable methods: quantum science, sacred geometry, reality piloting techniques, shamanic experiences, working with voice sounds and Tibetan bells sounds, working techniques with the emotional body and the inner child, working with the Light Beings, Angels and Archangels, working with the human energetic body, yoga, meditations, numerology, psycho-genealogy, constellations, regressive techniques, working techniques with the subconscious and many other techniques that allow the connection with our divine nature and with our inner power.

He is now completely at your service with all these tools and everything that he has discovered and has awakened on his path, sharing all his knowledge and "gifts" with profound love.

0039 328 2857335 Paul Stefan Jureschi
0039 3454599668 Fabiana Vagelli
[email protected]