Soul Life Coach Training offers you a set of workshops which will help you enter in a deep process of transformation, healing and evolution at all levels.

These trainings are suitable for everyone who want to enter in a profound process of self-development and awakening regarding to how reality works and how we manifest ourselves like human beings.

It also brings an enormous change to who is working with the persons - coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, channelers, healers and any other kind of work that involves helping the others.

Our Trainings are based on professionality, competence and experience.

The teachings and the technics that you will receive will help you transform many aspects of your life or of the life of the others.

You can apply them in these areas of life: health, relationships, work, money, reaching your goals, personal development, evolution and expansion of your spiritual capacities, etc.

We can help you reach your full potential and therefore you can help others do so.

We provide you the instruments to identify with precision and to transform the origins of the inner blocks, the sabotage, the imbalance or the traumas that are present and do not let you completely express yourself and achieve your goals.


How many times has happened to you to start some transformational paths for healing or personal development in order to reach certain goals, but after a great beginning where you felt better, everything went back as it was or, sometimes, even worse?

How many times this has happened to persons who came to you to find help, if you are a coach, counselor, trainer, therapist, channeller, healer, psychologist?

Going back to square one, to the old system, relapsing, repeating the same errors of the past, suffering, not reaching the goals that you’ve pointed – all this happens because most of the times you work on the surface only, ignoring some hidden aspects that have a profound influence on our lives.

The modules of Soul Life Coach Training (SLCT) allow you to have a clear 360° vision on all the elements that take part of the healing of a specific personal aspect, of the resolution of the conflicts, of the achievement of a goal or of the energetic and spiritual growth.

Ask yourself if …

➢ Do you want to help the others or yourself?

➢ Do you want to build your success?

➢ Do you want to discover and manifest your true potential?

➢ Do you want to go deep within yourself, revealing and healing some aspects that you’ve never seen before?

➢ Do you want to live a new and transformative experience which has the power to restart a life full of easiness and welfare?

➢ Do you want to free yourself from the old and repetitive schemes that you carry continuously with you (sometimes without even being aware of that)?

Let us share with you the key points of our modules and our “mission” and “vision” for you:

1. Grow, learn and evolve – find your vocation and heal your resistance;

2. Ri-find who you are – define the value of your existence and of your goals;

3. Become the best you can be – help the others to do so as well;

4. Honor with grace your choice, with your “victories” and your “defeats” – everything has taken part to form your experiences and the person you are today;

5. Understand yourself, know yourself in all your inner parts at 360° and bring the healing at all levels;

6. Do not stop, do not fell that “You’ve reached it!”. Go on growing, learning and evolving without blocking yourself into the idea of who you think you are, choose to always debate yourself for healing and being happy.

7. Become extraordinary.